Improve your restaurant’s energy efficiency

Energy bills for commercial kitchens can be costly for many business owners. According to ENERGY STAR, restaurants use around five to seven times more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings.  So, to help lower your costs, here are some easy restaurant energy efficiency tips.

5 Restaurant Energy Efficiency Tips

1. Turn off equipment not in use.

An equipment start up and shut down schedule will help save you from unnecessary energy consumption. So, help your equipment be more energy efficient by determining the times of day when you can turn off unneeded units.

2. Take care of the oven’s doors.

Heat can leak out of doors that do not close right or have damaged seals. This causes your oven to work harder and consume more energy. Therefore, you should get damaged oven doors repaired and seals replaced. Also, always keep the door shut while the oven is in use to not allow heat to leak out.

3. Recalibrate equipment to correct temperatures

Sometimes thermostats and control systems fail, fall out of calibration, or get readjusted. So, take the time to do a thermostat check on your appliances and dish machines. If they are not at the correct temperature, then it is time for recalibration.

4. Regular maintenance.

Simple tasks like cleaning, changing filters, and checking gaskets are vital for the lifespan of your equipment. These tasks also can have a big impact on the energy efficiency of your equipment. For more complicated tasks, we can set you up with a PM plan with an authorized service agent.

5. Stay on top of repairs.

As soon as issues with your equipment arise, you should place a service call. Not only does this help prevent the problem from getting worse, but it also keeps it energy efficient.

Looking for energy efficiency tips for your cold-side equipment?

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