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Commercial Oven Repair in Dallas by Cooking Equipment Specialist

Getting quality commercial oven repair in Dallas is essential to maintaining your business. Commercial ovens are the backbone of a commercial kitchen and are one of the most widely used kitchen appliances in the foodservice industry. Therefore, it is essential that you keep them in proper working order for the efficiency of your business and the satisfaction of your customers.

Performance Maintenance

Establishing and maintaining a performance maintenance schedule for your commercial kitchen appliances such as your commercial ovens, range, and stove tops alleviate you from unexpected and unnecessary expenses down the road.

Cooking Equipment Specialist (CES) offers a broad range of commercial services including commercial oven repair for your local Dallas-Fort Worth establishment. We will keep your business in good hands. We have you covered when it comes to maintenance and upgrades.

All of our appliance and repair experts are CFESA certified. Therefore, you can trust that your repairs and maintenance will be performed accurately and efficiently by the best in the field.

You do not need to worry about hidden fees or surprises because we always provide an accurate price quote before starting on your repair.  We are a factory-authorized warranty and repair shop, so we can help cover all your warranty and repair issues with only one call.  Therefore, there is no need to use multiple vendors or make multiple calls.

Some Issues That May Require Maintenance:

Pilot light will not stay lit

If your pilot light not stay lit, then it could be a safety valve or a faulty thermocouple. Our trained technicians can diagnose the cause and fix or recalibrate it as required.

Food does not cook evenly

If your food is not cooking evenly, then it could be an improperly installed or failing thermostat. These can produce unreliable temperature readings. This leads to unevenly cooked food and unsatisfied customers. Therefore, it is important to get this issue resolved by our trained technicians.

Oven temperature is not consistent

If the oven temperature not stay constant, then it may be a sign of a faulty thermostat or heating element. Therefore, let our technicians diagnose which issue and quickly repair the problem.

Oven temperature is not hot enough

If your oven never get hot enough, then it may be a sign of a faulty thermostat or it may just need to be recalibrated. Our CFESA certified technicians can quickly determine which and solve your issue.

Contact CES for Commercial Oven Repair in Dallas:

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