Why Choose A Factory Certified Installer for Your Next Job

//Why Choose A Factory Certified Installer for Your Next Job

Why Choose A Factory Certified Installer for Your Next Job

A CES Factory Certified Installer Installing a Commercial Gas Hose on a FryMaster Fryer during a Commercial Kitchen InstallationOne thing to consider when setting up the hot side of a commercial kitchen is who is installing the equipment and what experience they have. A Factory Certified Installer offers options the others might not be able to provide.

The Mom and Pop Shop

There are several types of installers.  A mom-and-Pop shop may quote a lower cost to install your hot side equipment.  However, you may then have to search for another company to provide the maintenance and service.  When there is an issue, who is responsible? The installer or the service company? You need to decide if you want the hassle of trying to get one company to take responsibility or if you just want the issue resolved.  In the long term, it may wind up costing you more money than the inexpensive quote saved you.

The Gypsy Installer

Another type installer is the Gypsy installer.  These Gypsy’s can come from anywhere, and sometimes are friends-of-friends. They will give you an “unbelievable deal” on the install.  Most times this is a red flag, or should be a red flag.

Gypsy Installers are notorious for asking for a substantial deposit and then not showing for the install.  They run off with your money and you rarely have any recourse.  Or, you may have to pay twice; The initial cheap price; then a larger amount for someone else to correct or complete the work.  Now it isn’t as inexpensive as you initially anticipated.  You got burned.

Some of the questions to ask any installer and pay attention to are:

  • Are they licensed for this work?
  • Are they insured, current, and can they prove it?
  • Do they have the expertise to know if there is an issue during the install?
  • Are they using the proper products for the install?
  • Are they actually installing what you have paid for?
  • Can they service what they install?
  • What certifications do they hold?
  • Are they certified to install what they are installing?
  • Whom do they turn to when there is a problem?
  • How long have they been in business?

If they cannot answer these questions to your satisfaction, they may not be the best installer for your job.  Regardless of the “cost” or “price” they quote for the work.

The Factory Certified Installer

An installer who can answer all the above questions is a Factory Certified Installer.

Most Factory Certified Installers usually hold additional industry associations and certifications that keep them up to date on the latest techniques, equipment, practices, codes and products.   Their employees have extensive training.

They will be able to resolve any issue that arises and offer factory service and warranty repair after the install that the other installers will not be able to offer.  You have a one-stop shop.  This alleviates any issue you have with one hand blaming the other during your install.

The Factory Certified Installer becomes your advocate once hired.  They will fight for you when things go wrong.  Plus, they will offer suggestions on how to resolve issues based on their extensive knowledge and experience.

Is a Factory Certified Installer going to quote you a higher price to install?  Probably!  However, you must consider the overall total cost of the job and what benefits the Factory Certified Installer brings to the job.  The first and biggest is peace of mind.

A Factory Certified Installer Brings Peace Of Mind

You know when you hire a Factory Certified Installer that you will get a quality install, performed correctly.  Additionally, you will be able to continue with them after the install knowing they can service anything they installed and have an extensive knowledge of how it all works together.

An example of what a Factory Certified Installer can offer is seeing that the 1” gas feed is not going to provide enough capacity for your 3-Frymaster Gas Fryers.  Instead of just installing the connections, like a Mom-and-Pop or Gypsy Installer, they will let you know before you are up and running.

You now have the ability to change the feed to a larger diameter before your kitchen is up and running and you cannot figure out why you are having issues.

There will be no one to blame later, no lost revenue, and no expensive re-work.  The issue is resolved up front and efficiently when it costs the least to make the change.  That peace-of-mind is worth paying a slightly higher price during the install than paying a huge amount after you are up and running in lost revenue and time you will not have to recover.