Commercial Cooking Equipment Fire Prevention Tips

Restaurant fires result in $165 million in damages annually, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). So with the second week of October being Fire Prevention Week, we’re sharing some simple commercial cooking equipment fire prevention tips.

What role does commercial cooking equipment play in restaurant fires?

In NFPA’s study of 7,410 restaurant fires, they concluded that cooking equipment caused 61 percent of the fires. The study determined that not cleaning equipment caused the most fires in restaurants and deep fryers were the most common piece of equipment involved.

Cooking Equipment Fire Prevention
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Cooking Equipment Fire Prevention
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Since many fires can be prevented, it is important to have the protocols in place to protect your business.  

Tips to prevent cooking equipment fires:

Train staff.

According to NFPA’s study, the misuse of equipment causes two percent of fires. So, it is crucial to train your staff on the proper ways to use and maintain your cooking equipment. Training your staff not only helps prevent fires, but it also protects your equipment’s service life. On top of training your staff on how to use your equipment, you should also train them on how to respond if a fire does occur.

Never leave cooking equipment that is in use unattended.

Unattended equipment accounts for nine percent of fires. One of the most basic things you can do to prevent fires, is to ensure equipment is never left unattended while in use. If a piece of equipment is in use, then staff should always be nearby. This can help catch issues before they result in a fire, as well as if a fire does break out, your staff can quickly respond.

Keep up with maintenance.

Poorly maintained equipment can also become major fire hazards. In NFPA’s study, electrical and mechanical failures account for 14 percent and 12 percent of fires respectively. With a maintenance plan, a trained technician can catch issues and fix them before they result in a fire.

Keep equipment and nearby areas clean.

Cleanliness is not only vital for food safety, but it is also important when it comes to fire safety. Lack of cleaning resulted in 22 percent of fires in NFPA’s study, which is more than any other cause. Grease buildup when exposed to open flames can cause a fire and allow it to spread very quickly. So, it is crucial to clean equipment and areas exposed to grease daily. Also, keep the nearby area tidy and any flammable items away from cooking areas.

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