Commercial Deep Fryer Repair in Dallas
Gas commercial kitchen equipment requires a professional to install the gas supply correctly. This may increase the cost of gas appliances.

Commercial Deep Fryer Repair in Dallas

Where do you turn to get your commercial deep fryer repaired Dallas Texas?

Commercial Deep Fryer Repair in Dallas is critical to keeping your business operating correctly and smoothly.

Commercial deep fryers are the backbone of many businesses. When they malfunction, it can disrupt your business significantly even causing you to lose business. When a problem develops with your deep fryer, you need to get it repaired and back in service as quickly as possible.

Most problems are quick and straightforward to fix. Deep Fryer Error codes will help you diagnose most issues. A Factory Certified Technician can resolve your problem and get you operational quickly in most cases.

Possible Areas Requiring Commercial Deep Fryer Repair:

  • Thermostat
  • High-Limit Switch
  • Temperature Probe
  • Safety Gas Valve

 Turn to CES’s CFESA Certified Technicians for Your Commercial Deep Fryer Repair in Dallas and North Texas.

Common Issues Causing Deep Fryer Failures

A Pilot Light that will not stay lit is a common problem with all gas cooking equipment. It could be a faulty part causing the issue. Or, it could be a dirty or clogged port. A trained technician will quickly diagnose the problem and have it operating correctly in a short time.

The Thermostat may be faulty.  It will cause the deep fryer to run erratically and either not turn off or let the fry bath get to cool before turning on. It registers the temperature of the oil. When it is faulty, cook times will be wrong.  Fixing the thermostat is critical to the proper operation of the deep fryer.

The high limit switch is another area of failure.  It turns off the heating element when the thermostat reaches a set temperature.  When this part fails, it will not shut off the heating element correctly. This can lead to ruined and overcooked food.  It may also cause a safety issue if not resolved quickly.

A Temperature Probe failure keeps the system from registering the correct vat temperature and can lead to over or undercooked food.  It also senses when the oil temperature is above the maximum set temperature.

The safety gas valve needs to be in working order for correct operation.  An error in the gas supply can pose serious safety issues. Getting it resolved quickly is critical.

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Get Professional Help for Your Deep Fryer Repair Needs

Although it is typically quick and easy to diagnose and repair deep fryers, you should not attempt it yourself. You can potentially cause more damage trying to fix the issue yourself. Additionally, you may be injured or burned.

Calling a professional for emergency repair service is much more expensive than having a maintenance contract in place.

Deep fryer repairs are not limited to these issues alone. There are many parts in a deep fryer, which are potential failure points. A preventative maintenance program will keep most issues to a minimum and be addresses before failure stops your business.

Calling a professional for emergency repair service is much more expensive than having a maintenance contract in place. Periodic maintenance and checks can find and address most problems before they occur. In addition, they can be resolved on your timetable not during critical business hours.

How CES Helps You

At CES, we specialize in the repair of commercial deep fryers and other hot side kitchen appliances and equipment. We provide fast, reliable service that you can depend on to keep your business up and running, every time.

Our technicians are CFESA certified, and we stock an extensive selection of parts. Our experienced and friendly dispatchers get to the root of the issue quickly.

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